It’s true that scorpions are a very common pest that infests homes and buildings all throughout Texas and the southwestern states of America, but scorpions can infest in any area of the country. As long as there is a water source, there is a potential for a scorpion infestation. These creatures have four pairs of legs and are more commonly seen in desert areas. These arthropods have adapted to live [...]

Learn how wasps get into your home, where they find food, how they reproduce so quickly, and what kind of damage they can do to your home in this Alterra infographic.

A social insect, ants can be found in nests ranging from a few soldiers to millions of workers living in an organized colony.  These larger colonies are sometimes referred to as super-organisms because of their ability to work together as a single unit, and strive to support the colony as a whole. This is why when you see an ant or ant trail in the home it could mean that [...]

People have worked to control pests in their homes and crops for a very long time. We have compiled this interesting timeline so you can see all of the human innovations for pest control from the ancient Sumerians (2500 B.C.) to the 25 brave men who allowed themselves to be infested by lice in the early 1900s.